Is cassie still dating diddy

It places the burden of her relationship’s return on investment squarely on her shoulders.It also assumes Cassie aspired for marriage and kids with Diddy, an aspiration that would now go unfulfilled.If you recall, back in 2015 we exclusively reported about another split between Diddy and Cassie that they eventually bounced back from — which was because Diddy (allegedly) got involved with a woman named Gina Huynh.Gina’s still around — in fact, she was pictured with Diddy out and about a few months ago.Diddy has reportedly moved on to another young model by the name of Jocelyn Chew, Love B. The pair was recently spotted spending time together in Miami and attended Drake’s Los Angeles concert at the Staples Center this weekend.Combs is reportedly still “very much interested” in continuing his 10-year relationship with Cassie — despite the other women in his life.It’s possible Cassie wanted marriage and kids with Diddy.Or maybe she was perfectly content enjoying her twenties in the loving company of a successful man. However, it’s helpful to remember that dating need not serve as a prelude to a life complete with a house, picket fence, and a soccer mom van.

An older Diddy revitalized by a young and beautiful model-type. Or at the very least, a lot more of these racy snaps.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke on the disproportionate expectations of marriage and kids placed on men and women in her now-iconic Ted X talk “We should all be feminists.” Later sampled on Beyonce’s 2013 song “Flawless“Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage.

I am expected to make my life choices, always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important.

Scott that she and the Bad Boy CEO are no longer an item.

“They are indeed no longer together and haven’t been for months.” The two have been dating publicly since 2008 but did not confirm their relationship until 2012, according to Global Grind.

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ORIGINAL: 10/17/2018 Singer Cassie and hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs have been together for years, but it appears their courtship has come to an end.

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