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The goal is to get a general idea of the person and decide whether you’d like to meet them again or not.At the end of the event, participants hand in their score sheet.A lot of Japanese women want a guy that tells them several times a day how much he loves them.For some reason (maybe through the consumption of too many Hollywood movies) Japanese women think that foreign men are like that! You’re looking for a serious relationship but can’t seem to meet anyone interesting around you? With the invention of dating apps like Tinder, we sometimes forget how people used to meet back in the day.In the land of overworked singles with little free time, it should come to no surprise that organized dating events are so popular.

As you meet so many people, you do sometimes get a bit confused and forget which questions you already asked.

However, be warned: If you want to read about bragging stories of all those Western guys who get laid a hundred times per day, then you came to the wrong place. You certainly won’t find that here – and not from a foreign girl like me!

And at the same time there’s only a very tiny number of foreign (read: non-Asian) women with Japanese men next to them. Maybe that’s a secret we’ll never quite get, but there are many theories!

If two people selected each other, their contact information is then forwarded by the organizers and it is up to them to arrange a second meeting.

I met my friend at Roppongi Station and we walked to Bar Quest, where the event was taking place.

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