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I learned so much about myself, about the beauty of God’s redemptive grace and forgiveness, and so much more that it has 100% changed how I look at dating, my own daughters, and their suitors! Dennis has jokingly said to the girls on multiple occasions, I don’t want my girls to settle for less than God’s best for them and because they, or at least one of them, is boy crazy like her mama was, I know how easy it is to overlook some traits, justify others, and imagine others are seeds just ready to spring into existence.

To date myself and to channel yet another 80’s TV program, The A-Team, “I pity the fool” who desires to date my daughter! I know red flags when I see them, quite possibly because they look a little like long-lost friends!

They will serve more as a communication tool for my girls.

Dear Boy Dating Our Daughter, Before we even met you, we liked you.

for my future spouse and hoped and prayed that such a man existed. The good Lord was kind to me by bringing Dennis into my life when He did because I was starting to fret no one would want me, the real me.

To be completely honest, in the beginning, a lot of guys existed that met my simple-minded criteria, but with each new crush or Lifetime movie that aired on TV, my list stretched and evolved into one that vaguely resembled my 1980-something list! I was 18, so this thought now, seems utterly ridiculous!

Of course, I will not actually give these letters to the boys.Those were the days when I did weird things like put gum-balls in my ice-cream, but nonetheless it tasted delicious and extra special because Mom gave me full liberty to get whatever I wanted.We sat across from each other and talked like friends. Maybe my mom was proud of me while I sat there trying to chew gum-balls and swallow frozen yogurt simultaneously.She loves deeply and quickly all whom she allows into her small, guarded world. And it scares the crap out of us…because we have to trust you. We will encourage and support this relationship, but also, like a new bowler, we will put bumpers in place, in hopes to guide your relationship towards its absolute best, as a way to confine you. It is our hope for you, let alone our girl, that your story is being manifested in holiness, honesty, morality, temperance, and commitment.She is the perfect balance of tenderness and strength. We have to trust that you’re going to protect her heart. We hope you can not only live with that, but find joy in living a warrior’s life. It takes spiritual discernment and objectivity to understand and genuinely know a person’s character and spiritual nature, so it is our hope that you take the time necessary to know what makes her heart tick (her innermost beliefs, goals, dreams, desires) and that you will encourage and challenge her to grow to new heights. In short, that you are in the process of becoming the man God destined you to be. We should not have to remind you that she is a princess; flawed, certainly, but her identity cannot be found in those flaws, but more so in Who Christ she says she is–and He calls her daughter!

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