Htc hd2 my locations not updating

Searching for available HD2 updates @ HTC site show no gapless playback fix.

And there's definite gaps between songs and I'm running the latest 1.66 ROM.

I just reset my phone to factory settings thinking this would sort it but it hasn't.

Still says there is an data connection error when trying to update the weather.

Im using Port SIP, which some basic testing appears to work fine (With Exetel) But i will test again and see specifically what happens, when my ear touches it.

I am using the April 1 version of the Energy Rom though. i think the HD2 battery is really poor, i have to charge mine every night in case it runs out the next day im at 54% now, this is from full charge this morning, made 1 call of about 20 minutes and went online for short period twice dud battery? If you've used other WM phones or even i Phone anything with a large screen you'll find you'll be pressed to have your phone last more than 2 days.

Hi The reason the weather is not displayed on my location is that your location is not on the service.

For example if you try to set your location for the next nearest major town it will work.

: P Also I have seen some users stating that WIn Mo 7 can be ported across the HD2? There could be some compromises but this would be great... It's more then likely, assuming this isn't a total fake, that it will be up and running on the HD2.Hey y'all, yet another problem with this damn HD2 grrr.Right, this time, the date and time does not update automatically.I haven't had this problem as a result of a flash BUT I did have a card just go blank on me. Neither the computer nor the phone would recognise it even existed. Thankfully it was only a 2GB jobbie and nothing major was lost. what i've learnt to do is manually lock it (via the 'end call' hard button) and then unlock it again. For me its a no brainer, custom ROM is the way to go. X ROMs because the big strip(with start button and others) at the bottom of the device makes screen looks smaller and i dont like black background in settings and other tabs. You users recommend to play with it try various ROMS before finalising the unit? i've found that sometimes once ive done a soft reset it doesnt auto lock. I'd stick with the "big" names, such as NRG(energy), Miri, Artemis etc.

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