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For me, this cuts down on the number of awkward first dates. For me at least, even though it isn't a chat site, it is nice to get some information out of the way in paragraph form before moving on to texting, which is always ridiculous, and then actually meeting, which can be awkward without preestablished points of contact.

I usually get a phone number after 5-6 messages, and a few days after that we might meet.

Ask about how they spend their free time, what their ideal Sunday morning looks like, whether they have any holiday plans etc.

You don’t have to share all their interests but you do need to have lifestyles that could be compatible.

These are just the headlines though and there will be a lot more to someone than what’s written there.

My goal then for an actual meeting tends to be that weekend, so I don't like to wait more than a week to meet someone, if at all possible. Obviously, it depends on both people and how things seem to be going.

I've done everything from less than 24 hours to messaging with someone (we still currently are) for over four months and not meeting up yet.

Many people have interesting anecdotes about their past but what you really need to know is what they are like now.

The past helps to shape who we become but it’s how someone lives in the present that will inform whether or not you want to get to know them better.

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