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Maybe that's why 31 percent of people say that their ink makes them feel sexier, according to a 2006 Pew Research Center survey of 18-to 25-year-olds.Tattooed girls have been there, done that, and their self-assured attitude is guaranteed to shine through both inside and outside the bedroom.It's past time that we kick the negative stigma to the curb and give all the tattooed women out there the love (and orgasms) they deserve.If you actually need to be convinced as to why you should get naked with someone who believes that anything worth showing off deserves a great paint job, check out these reasons for why your next bedroom visitor should definitely be a woman with tats.Tattooed people are said to be greater risk-takers, but they're smart ones.Only about 16 percent of people with body art regret their work and only 0.1 percent end up getting it removed, according to the Pew report, it would appear that even though we might take risks, we don't regret our choices.

When we decide to add something new to our bodies, we're saying that it's worthy of taking up space on the thing that holds our souls.

Tattoos are a beautiful (and painful) way to express ourselves, and as body art becomes more accepted in the workplace, it's being found on more and more people throughout the world.

About 20 percent of people living in the United States have been inked, and that number is only continuing to grow.

If you sleep with a tattooed woman, you can be sure that she's making a decision that she believes won't haunt her for the rest of her life, and she probably feels the same way about her former sexual encounters, too.

Women are a treat to see in general, but when your partner in bed has tattoos, there's even more to check out.

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