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However, this is not intended to be a scholarly work.

It comes to you through the eyes and heart of an artist, who has heard the whispers of ancestors he did not know, and has not verified.

Other indexes and abstracts: J0038-92 Probated Wills, 1665-1787 (24.5 cu. There are copies of many of these wills in series J0038-82. J1032-04 Letters of Administration, 1743-1783 (2 rolls microfilm) Contents: Letters were issued by authority of the royal governor in his capacity as judge of the Prerogative Court of Probates. Indexes: Several indexes are found on the microfilm with groups of letters to which the indexes relate. Index/Abstract: Related Records: Estate inventories for New York County and nearby counties for 1725--86 are in possession of The New-York Historical Society, and are indexed by Kenneth Scott, "Early New York Inventories of Estates," NGSQ, 53 (1965), 138-43. 1730-1753 (1 roll microfilm [part]) Contents: Original inventories of estates; documents were filed in New York City but relate to estates in many parts of the province. J2301-04 Record of Estate Inventories, 1779-1786 (1 roll microfilm [part]) Contents: Volume contains inventories of estates recorded by the clerk of the Court of Probates. 1, 1778-1791, only]) Letters of administration for estates of New York residents who died out-of-state, or non- residents who died in the State.

ft.; 16 rolls of microfilm) Contents: Original wills and scattered other documents relating to probate of wills and administration of estates. Wills are arranged by an assigned file number, with separate numbering sequences for the two sub- series. The letter contains the name and residence of the decedent and designates an administrator. J1033-04 Bonds of Administrators, 1753-1798 (1 roll microfilm) Contents: Administrators of estates were required to give bond for the good performance of their duties, including making an inventory of the personal property of the deceased and to render an account to the court. Indexes: Microfilm contains indexes to decedents for bonds dated 1753-1776 only. Preferred Index: Berthold Fernow, Calendar of Wills on File and Recorded in the Offices of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals . Most of the letters are for estates of persons who died intestate (without a will). (The first volume of this series, commencing 1778,as well as five volumes of administration bonds, 1787-1823, have not been transferred to the Archives.) Microfilm: Filmed in part by Genealogical Society of Utah. Indexes/Abstract: J0208-82 Orders and Decrees, 1811-1823 (1 vol.) Volume contains orders and decrees and summaries of court proceedings concerning administration of estates of out-of-state residents and non-residents dying in New York; and appeals to the Court of Probates from the Surrogate's Courts.

Most of the testators resided north of Westchester County. Microfilm: 1) New York State Archives film (includes folder list but no index to testators); 2) Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU) film, 12 reels, available in NYS Library (includes card index to testators). Series also contains estate inventories and accounts of administrators (pre-1708); and letters of administration (pre-1743). (typescript, 1931-32), available on microfilm in New York State Archives (series A4699-99) and in New York State Library Other indexes and abstracts: Related Records: The New York County Surrogate's Court retains transcripts of this series. I" and "II"); Other indexes: J0039-04 Record of Letters Testamentary, 1793-1801 (1 roll microfilm) Contents: Letters testamentary were issued by the Court of Probates when the executor designated in a will was unable to perform the duties of the office. Wills relate only to estates located within the First Senatorial District (New York and adjacent counties); the wills date from ca. At the end of the main list are other lists of documents transferred, such as inventories, accounts of administrators, etc. ft.) [7 rolls microfilm] Contents: Inventories of personal property, and accounts of decedents' debts and credits, prepared by administrators and executors. These records have been microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah.

Many of the wills are copies of wills in series J0038-92, described below. Preferred index: "Record of Wills, Albany, New York from a Collection of New York State Court Records: Index," available on microfilm in New York State Archives (series A4700-99) and in New York State Library (index is a photocopy of a typescript, derived from card index; indicates the numerous wills not indexed in Fernow). Microfilm: Genealogical Society of Utah has filmed, and the State Archives has copies of, sub-series 1, ca. Volumes also contain some non-probate records, including scattered entries of marriage licenses, ca. Condition of volumes is generally good; some paper is brittle. The transcripts have been filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. Most of the inventories and accounts relate to estates located north of Westchester County. Arranged in three sub-series, 1666-1699, 1700-1775, and 1776- 1822, and thereunder alphabetically. Microfilm: 1) Filmed by New York State Archives (includes container list but no index to decedents or administrators); 2) filmed by Genealogical Society of Utah. Index: Several indexes to groups of inventories are included in the microfilm. J0032-83, -85 Letters of Administration, 1787-1823 (4 vols.; 1 roll microfilm [Vol.

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I have tried to accurately and truthfully depict the last few hundred years of our history, as is a part of my mission statement.

The Court of Probates' jurisdiction was limited to hearing appeals from the Surrogate's Courts; supervising estates of New York residents who died out of state, and of non- residents who died within the state; and issuing certain types of orders.

The Court of Probates was abolished in 1823, and its remaining jurisdiction was given to the Surrogate's Court.

Between 18 appeals from the Surrogate's Court went to the Court of Chancery.

Since 1847 appeals from orders and decrees of the Surrogate's Court have gone to the Supreme Court.

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Starting in the early eighteenth century a deputy surrogate was appointed in each county to perform routine duties in relation to settling estates.

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