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In the game, you have to help the granddaughter escape the house without getting caught or you will lose and she will get knocked out with a bat or killed.

There are so many apps and games for kids and teens that are fun, educational, with remarkable quality of sketches, background etc., that make 'games' like this totally anacceptable, even maybe dangerous for the psyche of kids.

This was the result of a settlement dating back to February 5, 2007, between Apple Computer, Inc.

and Apple Corps, with each party paying for its own legal fees.

I guess that’s a good sign and that Apple going forward will be more willing to settle other legal disputes.

There is a lot of blood and “Granny” has a scary face and hits your player with a bloody bat. The “Granny” is very scary and there are bear traps and bloody sceans.

UK-based Apple Corps, which handles business dealings of the legendary Liverpool-based pop group The Beatles, has finally ended its dispute with Apple, Inc.

of Cupertino, California over use of the Apple Corps’ Granny Smith logo, which was originally owned by The Beatles.

If granny gets you it gives you a really bad jump scare that seems like it can cause a seizure or heart attack. Parents, don’t let younger kids like 5 or 6 and younger play this game.

Kids that young are really sensitive and they might cry or not want to go to sleep at night from jump scares or the creepiness of the house.

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This game can cause jump scares because granny just comes from nowhere, this game has too much Violence because, Granny whacks you with a bat, when you don’t succeed, she eats you whole, you can shoot her w/ a gun/crossbow I loved this game, before I played it I was thinking about suicide (just kidding I was not but I had nothing to do) but now I can have so much fun!

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