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I know it works without the "Selecting" method but I cant recall how.In this article we will look at how to update or delete a record in a database table using a Grid View control.Here we can update Name, Emp_Code and Emp_Age fields depending on the Id field of the "EMPLOYEE" table.

We use the Row Updating event of Grid View to update the record in the database table.

The trouble is that when the call for the Select Method of the formview goes to the relevant function - "Get Customer By Cusnum" I have a null value in its parameter "cusnum".

I know that I can write a selecting event and using Command Argument, parse the value of the selected row and pass it into the Select method as a value but I dont want that solution.

Now we define a method for opening a connection with the relation database and returns a SQL connection object depending on the connection string that is passed as a parameter of the Sql Connection class constructor.

Delete a Record We can delete a record from the database table by clicking on the delete button that is in the Delete column of the Grid View.

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So first we need to move to an updateable row record in the Text Box.

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