", "VIEWER_BUZZMODE_TOOLTIP_ON" : "Click to turn off Buzzmode", "VIEWER_BUZZMODE_TOOLTIP_OFF" : "Click to turn on Buzzmode", "NO_CONNEXION_TITLE" : "\'s toy is not connected", "NO_CONNEXION" : "A reminder has been sent to connect the toy!

", "VIEWER_END" : "End", "VIEWER_MODEL_IN_PRIVATE" : "Model is in Private Chat", "VIEWER_MODEL_IN_EXCLUSIVE" : " is in Exclusive Chat", "VIEWER_YOU_ARE_IN_VOYEUR" : "You are in Voyeur View now", "BUZZMODE_NOTICE" : " just buzzed \'s toy", "SUPERBUZZ_NOTICE" : " just hit", "ONE_CLICK_TITLE" : "You\'ve enabled 1-click tipping by saving your tip amount!

You will remain in Private Chat for the rate of per minute", "END_CONNEXION" : "End Connexion", "CONNEXION_END_TEXT" : "You are ending the connexion, and will remain in Private Chat for the rate of per minute", "BUZZMODE_TITLE" : "My toy reacts to your touch", "BUZZMODE_INSTRUCTION" : "Press anywhere inside box at per buzz", "SUPERBUZZ_LABEL" : "Superbuzz", "BUZZMODE_OFF" : "Buzzmode has been turned off", "CAM2CAM_TITLE" : "Cam2Cam costs per minute", "CAM2CAM_BTN" : "Start Cam2Cam", "CAM2CAM_FLASH" : "To use Cam2Cam, you must enable or download Flash.", "CAM2CAM_FLASH_LINK" : "Click here for more info", "CAM2CAM_FIREFOX_BARF" : "Cam2Cam has been temporarily disabled in Firefox.

Alternative browsers like Chrome or Safari are enabled.", "CHATTING_WITH" : "Chatting With ", "AUTOLOAD_ADDED" : "Autoload added to your wallet", "CHOOSE_CHAT" : "Choose a Chat", "NUDE_BUTTON" : "Nude Chat ( /Min )", "PARTY_BUTTON" : "Party Chat ( /Min )", "PARTY_BUTTON_TAGLINE" : "Other members may chat with me", "AUTOLOAD" : "Allow Autoload to automatically refill my wallet when my balance is under .", "WHISPERING_WITH" : "Whispering with ", "WHISPER_FROM" : "Whisper from", "SHOW_END_TITLE" : "Thank You!

Clicking your saved tip amount will give a tip instantly.", "GOT_IT" : "Got it!

", "NO_THANKS" : "No thanks", "NO_THANKS_SUB" : "(Removes saved amount)", "DONT_SHOW_AGAIN" : "Do not show me this message again", "PARTY_TITLE" : " is currently in Party Chat.", "RATE_SHOW" : "Rate my show", "IDS_ENTERED_PARTY" : "You are in Party Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_PRIVATE" : "You are in Private Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_EXCLUSIVE" : "You are in Exclusive Chat now", "FAN_WHISPER_ONLY_JOIN_NOW" : " only whispers with fan club members. ", "COMMENT_SHOW" : "Comment on my show", "MUST_RATE_SHOW" : "You must rate the show in order to submit your comment.", "YOUR_COMMENT_WILL_BE_REVIEWED" : "Your comment will be reviewed within 24 hours.", "RATING_HAS_BEEN_SUBMITTED" : "Your rating has been submitted.", "VIEWER_TIP_COACHMARK" : "New!

", "SHOW_END_AUTOLOAD_SUB" : "We\'ll reload your wallet when funds run low. ", "SEND_A_GIFT" : "Send a Gift", "MODEL_PERCENTAGE" : "Models will receive a % of every Virtual Gift received. For text, audio and to interact fully with any performer, use Private Chat.", "VOYEUR_CHAT_PLACEHOLDER" : "Chat is disabled in voyeur", "NUDE_TITLE" : " is in a nude show", "NUDE_BUTTON_TAGLINE2" : "Other members are chatting with me. ", "END_CAM2CAM" : "End Cam2Cam", "WARNING_NO_MIC" : "Warning: No microphone was detected.", "ERROR_NO_CAMERA" : "Error: No camera was detected.", "FIT_TO_BROWSER" : "Fit to Browser", "LARGE" : "Large", "MEDIUM" : "Medium", "MORE_MODELS_END_PAGE" : "Check out other hot models online below! ", "NOT_BROADCASTING_NOW" : "I am not broadcasting right now but I can still read your chat messages", "JOIN_NOW_VIEW_STREAM" : "Join now to view ", "CLICK_TO_SEE_OTHER_MODELS" : "Click here to see other available models.", "JOIN_FAN_CLUB_AND_SAVE" : "Join \'s Fan Club and save % on your next show.", "SAVE_ON_YOUR_NEXT_SHOW" : "Save % on your next show.", "CLICK_TO_UPGRADE_TO_PREMIERE" : "Click here to upgrade your account to Premiere.", "IDS_END_OF_SHOW_GENERIC" : "The show has ended.Everyone has a type of dream girl, that they are looking for when searching porn or sex cams.In the past, searching for your dream model was hard as you had a lot of different free cams sites.Opt-out any time.", "GIVE_TEXT" : "Give", "OTHER_TEXT" : "Other", "TIP_PRIVATELY_SHORT" : "Tip Privately", "TIP_LOW_FUNDS_TITLE" : " has received your tip of to spend", "LOW_TIME_REMAINING" : "Don\'t get a show interrupted. The price of Virtual Gifts will be deducted from your account funds.", "GIFT_USER_MESSAGE" : "Include a message (optional):", "GIFT_ANON_CHECK" : "Gift anonymously: the gift is publicized but not your username", "TIP_NOTICE" : " tipped ! ", "TIP_ANONYMOUS_USER" : "An anonymous user", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN" : " has given ", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN_ANON" : "An anonymous user has given ", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN_MSG" : " has sent a message \'\' to and has given", "GIFT_MODEL_HAS_GIVEN_ANON_MSG" : "An anonymous member has sent a message \'\' to and has given", "VIEWER_BANNED" : " has banned you from accessing his/her broadcast. ", "MODELS_SHOW_HAS_ENDED" : "\'s show has ended.", "END_OF_SHOW_GUEST" : "Chat with me and all the other models. Click here to see other models online.", "VIEWER_FREE_WELCOME_GUEST" : "Welcome to my Free Chat room. ", "VIEWER_FREE_WELCOME_MEMBER" : "Welcome to my chat room.Please try a different model.", "VIEWER_MODEL_QUIT" : " is offline", "VIEWER_CHATTING_ALREADY" : "You are already chatting with the model in another window.", "VIEWER_MUTE_GUEST" : " has disabled guest chat. The show will begin shortly.", "VIEWER_TIP_IDLE" : " left to reach my goal! Take me private now so you can have me all to yourself!

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