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An overview of Upland Mobile Messaging’s two-way messaging features Upland Mobile Messaging offers several ways for agents to respond to incoming text messages, whether they are customer concerns, off-script messages, or invited questions.

Agent View allows your organization to easily respond to incoming messages outside of your automated campaigns.

One of the most sophisticated features of the Upland Mobile Messaging platform is the ability to communicate with individual mobile subscribers in one-on-one conversations.

Instead of using text messaging as a one-way channel to blast information, our platform gives brands and organizations the opportunity to engage in truly conversational exchanges with anyone on their mobile list.

Our dashboard allows any number of agents to respond to outstanding profiles in the message queue simultaneously.

To respond to a subscriber, agents can compose a message directly or select a pre-written response from a drop-down menu.

With Mobile Upland Mobile Messaging, your customers can immediately connect with agents and begin a conversation.

One of the best applications of text messaging is the ability to answer questions from anyone at anytime in a private setting.

Whether you’re a government agency, a public college, or a healthcare organization, responding to questions in a timely manner is very important.

When this happens, Do team members jump in and engage with those people one-on-one to see how they can help.

Nickelodeon used text messaging during the 2015 Kid’s Choice Awards to send celebrity selfies and behind-the-scenes updates to subscribers.

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