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"Real Doll X is the game of friendship and love Talk to your avatar, flirt and work on your seduction skills to get her by your side.

She will surprise you once she knows you more." You can also customise the appearance of your virtual sex-bot, changing the body type, hair style and colour, and face.

The app lets you customise the personality of your bot, giving it different traits – without "thousands of possible variations".

"Now you can combine the highest quality doll in the world with our advanced Artificial intelligence engine.

As the New York Post reports, the new bot is called the “Slutbot” and was created by the originators of the relationship app "Juicebox.” The app costs a week or a month, but you can text “Slutbot” for free.

Juicebox CEO and founder Brianna Rader, 27, gushed to the Post, “Sex is so much more than a physical act.

“Details of this incident will be reviewed further and you may be contacted by law enforcement for questioning.” The warning can vary based on the conversation, if, for example, a potential buyer expresses an interest in someone underage.

Microsoft employees built the bot in a philanthropic initiative called Project Intercept, in collaboration with nonprofits that hope it can reduce demand for sex workers, and the incentives for criminals to coerce people into the sex trade.

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The app lets you have "multiple girlfriends", and each one of them is a "complete different person" – so they won't share your info with each other.

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