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Either way, no matter what your situation, my advice will be the same.I’ll get into specifics in just a minute, with some valuable first date tips for women like you, but first, let me just say that the best thing you can do on a first date is just to be your absolute best self. Trying to be someone else will only cause trouble down the road. Questions are a good thing on first dates: researchers at Harvard University found, in a study, that women who asked on average 15 questions on a first date were more likely to get a second date.

I’ve also met women who date regularly, but who still get nervous on first dates, or who want advice on how to behave so that they get a second date.

If you go for the cleavage top, he might assume he can get lucky tonight.

If you show up in gym clothes, it tells him you put zero effort into looking nice, and that might put him off.

Having your first kiss is exciting, but it's normal to feel nervous and unsure about what to do.

In fact, it’s likely the person you want to kiss feels the exact same way.

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Even if you don’t feel a spark with a particular date, you can still practice those skills.

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