Finite element model updating in structural dynamics

BC, 33203 Gijón, Spain) A method is propounded in this paper to update finite element models in the field of structural dynamics.It is especially intended to solve cases for which other methods either cannot be applied or are inefficient.Finite element model updating has emerged in the 1990s as a subject of immense importance to the design, construction and maintenance of mechanical systems and civil engineering structures.This book, the first on the subject, sets out to explain the principles of model updating, not only as a research text, but also as a guide for the practising engineer who wants to get acquainted with, or use, updating techniques.Surrogate model has attracted considerable attention for saving computational cost in finite element model updating (FEMU).In this study, a model updating method using frequency response function (FRF) based on Kriging model is proposed.For nonlinear analysis, more specific methods like response surface modeling, particle swarm optimization, Monte Carlo optimization, and genetic algorithms can be used.

It has mainly been applied to structural analysis and damage detection in structures. E., Finite element model updating in structural dynamics, Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, Norwell, MA, 1995, pp.

It is posed as the minimization of an error function defined in the time domain.

The minimization is carried out by a novel adaptive sampling algorithm, which constitutes the main contribution in this work.

The examples can be easily replicated and expanded in order to reinforce understanding.

The book is aimed at researchers, postgraduate students and practising engineers.

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Finite element model updating is the process of ensuring that finite element analysis results in models that better reflect the measured data than the initial models.

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