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Despite a quarter-century age difference, the couple stayed together until the actor's death in 1957.Just as Bogey promised, they had a lot of fun together.Hollywood doesn't get any more voyeuristic—or romantic—than those movies that have aroused passionate, off-camera love affairs.As the summer movie season heats up, we've selected a bouquet of such films; some are heart-fluttering, some erotic, and a couple, well, let's just say that the sparks flew more furiously offscreen than on.And so began a love affair as big and stormy as the million production they met on."Without you, this is not a world I want to live in," her Cleopatra whispers to his Marc Antony in a love scene hotter than the Egyptian sun.

Yet The Getaway, Sam Peckinpah's visceral spray of blood-and-guts, works largely because of their obvious magnetism for each other.

Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan As the off-screen romance between Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe heated up, providing the insatiable tabloids with irresistible headlines, Proof of Life director Taylor Hackford cut a number of steamy love scenes between the pair, including one which appeared in the film’s trailer.

His decision came after test audiences reacted unfavorably to the heavy breathing, claiming that the film blurred the line between fiction and reality.

"The very first time we met, I discovered what a charming and tender man he is," sighed Kidman. However, whatever mutual attraction they shared in their nearly 10-year marriage was sadly extinguished onscreen; neither Days of Thunder nor a later pairing, Far and Away, raises temperatures. The famous couple filed for divorce in February 2001, citing irreconcilable differences.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette Horror turned into love when David Arquette and Courteney Cox met on the set of Scream, with Arquette playing Sheriff Dewey, Cox's character's love interest. After 11 years, three more Screams, and a baby girl, Arquette and Cox separated.

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