Eyetv tv guide not updating

Eye TV captures and plays back Dolby Digital sound.

Using the digital optical audio output on newer Macs, it can also pass Dolby Digital 5.1 sound to home theater systems.

The incoming stream can be set to fill your screen or sized to provide a TV-watching window on your Mac, and the sound quality is good as well.

Since that time, Elgato has released the Eye TV HD (9.95 and available for less through online outlets), which the company touts as "the ultimate DVR for HD cable and satellite TV." Both devices work with Elgato's Eye TV software for Mac, which features a program guide, smart guides for recording a season of any show to your Mac or an external disk automatically, easy export of video to i Tunes for syncing to i Devices and even streaming to the Eye TV i OS app. Eye TV HD works with the HD cable or satellite boxes that many people use to pump that high-quality digital signal to their HDTVs.

Click the Read More link below for a full review of this unique video hardware.

There's also a remote control and a CD on which you'll find a copy of the Eye TV software (I downloaded it from the Elgato site to get the latest version).

The setup is so incredibly easy even I could do it!

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The Eye TV software adds features every time we look at it, and Elgato is on top of new viewing trends by making the Eye TV HD device and software work well with other Macs, i Phones and i Pads.

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