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Write point by point and to drive this home, the uses of connectors are crucial.

Again, support your findings well in a structured manner if all you need is an applause or reward for good work.

Yet we know very little about these new types of relationship.

How is an online affair where the two people involved may never see or meet each other different from an affair in the real world?

Also, this is important since it will provide your essay with a backbone on which everything will be riveted.

This then begs the question; what are you supposed to do to come out a winner.

Ordinarily, good grades are believed to come through being knowledgeable in particular subjects but there is a starting point.

She defined dating : “You can't know in advance whether or not it will work out-that's what dating is for.

It gives you a chance to learn more about yourself and what you want, about your potential partner and about what it takes to make a relationship work” [1].

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The writer didn't say “No” to the Internet relationships but she said that we should not trust or ( base a relationship on!

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