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If you chase it, if you try to keep it for yourself, it will flutter away, always just out of reach. Isn’t it better to stumble upon her outside of a head shop in a strip center off Garland Road?

That happened to me one night while out for an evening walk with my son. For two decades, long after most would have left, Erykah has lived among us in Dallas, and not in a US Weekly, telephoto-lens, “Celebs Are Just Like Us! She’s there at your gym, working out in pink Nikes and a hat like she’s about to deliver the Gettysburg Address. There she is, in front of her house that overlooks White Rock Lake, sitting at a card table with her girls, passing out cups of water to runners and bikers on a hot summer day.

The connection between the two of them was instant. What everyone eventually learns is that Erykah goes at her own pace.

They wrote a couple of songs together during the sessions, and he’s been one of her main collaborators ever since, appearing on all of her studio albums. This is possibly the secret to how she’s always remained current, never fully attached to any trend or scene.

When Afya became pregnant, Erykah had one of their friends, a personal trainer named Revolution, drop by every day to deliver fresh green juice to make sure Afya got all the nutrients she needed.

They planned for a home delivery, and Erykah told them she wanted to be there when the baby came.

You never really know when you’ll find her, and that’s the point.

Maybe you were there when she performed an aerial ring routine with the Lone Star Circus.

It was just a lot of work, was a lot of hours in that studio. Common came through and said I looked like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.” The price for that: “I had a bit of a stress attack. But I wouldn’t have changed anything.” He’s never stopped working with her, and never tries to rush her. You just have to let her flit in and out of your life.

Maybe you were at the Bad Boy Family Reunion show at the American Airlines Center, when she showed up unannounced and took over the stage near the end.

Or maybe you happened to be at Dealey Plaza the day she filmed her video for “Window Seat,” slowly disrobing until she stood where JFK had been shot, naked, in and out in one take, here and gone so quickly you could hardly believe what you’d just seen. Shouldn’t you want to be on the rooftop patio of a local restaurant for a 40th birthday party, and then suddenly Erykah Badu is there? The party was for a guy I barely know, a man of means who also brought in A Tribe Called Quest’s charismatic leader, Q-Tip, for a DJ set that night.

The four of them clicked right away and began double dating, hanging out regularly.

Erykah, Common, and Stic were all Pisces, and they were all artists, and Afya was a health educator, and they were all into that, too.

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