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But enough of the complications in dating Dunhill pipes. In addition from 1965-70 the size of the suffix number is the same as the D in ENGLAND.1971-75: As above but with a double suffix number (sometimes underlined).What follows is a "general guide" as to dating; with it the reader should be able to date the majority of Dunhill pipes with which he/she comes into contact. Bruyere -introduced in 1910; signified by an "A" (meaning' best quality) on the side of the shank through 1975. Root - introduced in 1930; signified by an "R" stamped on the shank through 1975.3. 1976-77: During this period the group number and finish code were dropped and the old shape numbers were dropped in favor of a new system.Pipe case not included---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English Estates: Dunhill Tanshell (137) (F/T) (4) (T) (1969)Product Number: 004-002-14172 When American pipemaker Todd Johnson visited the office recently, he brought with him part of his collection of classic Group 1 shapes.I had the pleasure of handling a little Dublin of his that was very similar to this "37", and I can attest that it is indeed as charming as the photos may indicate.Dating of Shell, Tanshell, Redbark, and Cumberland finishes-1925 onwards: Pipedia Contributor's note: I am hoping to have actual photos of this nomenclature here.If you have any, and would be willing to contribute them, please E-mail me. It is very difficult to tell from the web version I was working from. - used only for Vernon Dunhill fitment pipe).1935-42-51: As above but with the suffix after the word ENGLAND; in addition a group number e.g.Taking all this into account it should not be surprising that the original and complete dating code list, in possession of the firm's archivist at 30 Duke Street, is some twenty eight pages long. DUNHILL/ROOT BRIAR1953-54: As above but with 3 or 4 as suffix according to the year made.1955-60: From 1955 the patent number is no longer shown on the pipe.And even if this list was made available it would be of little use to any but the most expert because it can only be used in conjunction with the most precise knowledge of the Dunhill pipe as it has changed in appearance over the years. (Pipedia Sysop note: Other sources indicate the Redbark was introduced in 19726. Examples for this period read:1961-70: Same as above but with the line under the suffix number omitted.

Also the double digit suffix number (sometimes underlined) again became smaller than the D in ENGLAND. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PRE ? In the following decade and a half almost all the elements of the now classic Dunhill pipe line came into place, for instance the two principal finishes - a mahogany "Bruyere" and a black sandblast "Shell" - the metal ? fitting and sandblast patents, most all the classic shapes, the white dotted bit, the one year guarantee, and the associated date code stampings. MAR.9.15 they may be dated to either the 1914 or 1915 - 1918 period respectively. NOMENCLATURE & EXAMPLES BRUEYRE - SUBSEQUENT TO OCTOBER 1918October 21, 1918 - to Year? Thus if the "DUNHILL" stamping of the pipe forms a shallow arch you know the pipe was made in 1919. 1920 is the trickiest year to date since absence rather then presence are the keys, so please bear with me for some explanations. As a consequence dating a pipe to 1920 is always a judgment call and even if all the objective tests are met ultimately rests on a subjective ? As Dunhill appears to have discontinued the tails stamping sometime in 1922, a pipe having a "D" with tails? Although Dunhill applied for it's English sandblast patent in October of 1917 it was not granted until October, 1918 and it is believed that manufacture of that finish did not begin until after that grant or effectively 1919.If you have the original and can scan it and send it to me, that would fantastic! 2 S; 4 S is introduced for the first time.1953-54: The Tanshell finish is introduced in 1953. For a two-month period, through the end of 1918 this "LONDON" stamping was equal in length to the "DUNHILL" stamping immediately above it. In 1919 the "DUNHILL" stamping was changed from a straight line to a shallow arch.:1926-34: As above but with annual change of suffix number 6 (1926) 7 (1927) 8 (1928) 9 (1929) 0 (1930) 11 (1931) 12 (1932) 13 (1933) 14 (1934)NOTE: For the years 1925-34 other patent numbers were sometimes used in place of 119708/17 & 116989/17. As above but with the suffix3 or 4 after the word ENGLAND.1955-60: From 1955 the patent number is no longer shown on the pipe.1961-70: As above, but with the line under the suffix number omitted. This is the only time that the "DUNHILL [/] LONDON" stampings are of equal length. This is the only time that this stamping was employed. Customarily the "D" of the "DUNHILL" stamping is made up of a vertical backbone line met flush at the top and the bottom by a semi-circle. Nomenclature: 137 DUNHILL TANSHELL MADE IN ENGLAND9 (4) TNomenclature Condition: Good Length: 6&1/8in Bowl Height: 1&13/16in Inner Bowl Depth: 1&5/8in Tobacco Chamber Outer Diameter: 1&1/4in Tobacco Chamber Inner Diameter: 13/16in Length of Stem: 4in Stem Type: Vulcanite/Round Tapered/Dunhill White Dot/Snug Fit Mentionables: If you need more information, please ask! The pipe is in nice condition, and has a very craggy type blast - Everything's in order with the pipe.

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