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However, these courses and GPAs will have no effect on the student's academic standing at FAU.This work is listed under the headings of Institution, Transfer, Total Transfer and Cumulative.Instructors must allow each student who is absent for a University-approved reason the opportunity to make up work missed without any reduction in the student’s final course grade as a direct result of such absence.Students are required to attend the first day of class for any course in which they are registered.

Full semester courses offered in the fall and spring semesters may be dropped during the second week of the semester without receiving a “W” on the transcript, but are still fee-liable for the courses during this time.Students will find their total attempted hours in their unofficial and official transcripts.For undergraduate students, attempted hours are used to calculate the Excess Hours Surcharge; click here or see the Excess Hours Surcharge information below.The summer semester is divided into three terms: summer term 1 is the entire summer semester, summer term 2 is the first six weeks of the summer semester and summer term 3 is the last six weeks of the summer semester.FAU also offers two intersession mini-terms: The spring intersession takes place between the end of the fall semester and the start of the traditional spring semester; the summer intersession takes place during the week between the spring and summer semesters.

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Students should understand that adding late into a course might put them at a disadvantage because of the number of classes missed since the start of the semester.

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