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host Chelsea Handler, who says she won’t interview President Donald Trump, asks CNN primetime host Don Lemon how he interviews some people with a straight face.

Lemon says he has his own no-go list, declining to book talking heads who skirt the truth in favor of spin.

The story of Anderson’s parents is an interesting one: if you consider that Mrs.

He had to be hospitalized in Kenya shortly before being transferred back home.

He would return to Africa 7 years later; meanwhile, he registered at Yale for a degree in Political Science.

‘I can’t speak for Robin Roberts, nor any of my recently out gay colleagues, I didn’t do it sooner because I was afraid of losing my livelihood,’ Lemon admitted.

‘I was afraid that you would no longer watch me.’ Lemon, 47, came out publicly in 2011 although he had been out in his private life to family and friends for decades.

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don lemon dating anderson cooper-16don lemon dating anderson cooper-33don lemon dating anderson cooper-30don lemon dating anderson cooper-60 Unc5CXSs5 You said "what punishment of gods are not gifts. " @andersoncooper, choking back tears, asks Stephen Colbert, as they discuss grief. "It's a gift to exist and with existence comes suffering.

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