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1) Allantoso Literally, “the flag.” This is the most popular dish in the Dominican Republic, due to how much it leaves anyone satisfied, and its low preparation cost.It’s made up of rice, with red beans in their sauce, and chicken or beef.(meaning “mother of all lands”) by the indigenous people, it shares an island with modern day Haiti to its west.Its diverse population, controversial history, and rich culture give the Caribbean nation its own way of speaking Spanish.The El Cibao region accounts for almost all of the country´s agriculture and diverse wildlife species, which can be found in Constanza, Santiago, and Puerto Plata (three of the most prominent provinces in El Cibao).

Many Dominicans from all over travel there to work.Many people live in rural areas in this region, which is home to many popular Dominican musicians and artists.The Southern Region: El Sur As you travel to (The South), you’ll begin to notice larger open spaces and more urban territory.Here you won’t find any large rural areas, as the demographic is predominantly urban.The nation’s capital of Santo Domingo is in the southern region of the country.

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