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How do the other lizards like Asian, Black American, Black African, Black etc, Hispanic fare in DC? Someone told me that DC was swarming with chocolate and it was as easy as ATL to hit something. Two years ago, I was 26, freshly out of seven years of fully committed relationships.I felt like I had wasted my 20s, spending the majority of the years with two men who were completely wrong for me. Because those relationships didn't result in marriage."Clefty" had a cleft in his chin like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (which I actually found attractive). Anyway, since I only knew this guy's first name ("Joel"), he then lived in my phone as: Joel Salsa Young Republican. Not sure how much more I'm willing to give to humanity in this particular area.....(Have a strange dating story? There was Pookie, Cookie, Varkie, PG-13 Booty Call, JFK... I'd never "dated." I'd never been on a real date in my entire life. Ergo, if a relationship doesn't end in marriage, it was a total waste.She wants more than ever to be married but nothing she has found is good enough.My former roommate and I used to always nickname different ones so we could talk in code if need be. I met this nice young man at Event #2, and he then followed me to events #3 and #4 and then got my number to plan more dates."Puppy" earned his because of his excessive use of exclamation points and emoticons in his emails, making it seem like he was constantly jumping up and down in our conversations like an excited puppy. Event #2 was a Young Republicans event and Event #4 was salsa dancing at a place near Dupont Circle. So the nicknames are getting weirder, let's hope the stories don't.

” After two long-term, monogamous relationships she found herself single- not a problem when you live in one of the nation’s best cities for single women.these worthless ho's have spent so much time watching fairy tale nonsense like Sex and the City where the 38 year old women who has been ridden hard and put away wet for 20 years gets the good looking rich guy they all think they deserve that and are 'entitled' to that. check this post out - talks about how she hasnt met any good guys on Ok Cupid then she shows the nice introductory emails guys sent and she rails each one for some nonsensical reason.every guy who has ever pumped and dumped this chick deserves a high five. Any guy getting butthurt over what she posts really shouldn't.Yep, deeefinitely standing by my original "let's not date each other" statement. My earring had fallen out without me knowing, but he of course thought it was on purpose and a way of "marking my territory." Sigh.Another time, when he was introducing me to his mother, I got so nervous getting ready beforehand that I forgot to mention that I had a HOT CURLING IRON plugged into his bathroom wall.

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I promised you all that I would occasionally interrupt my running posts to give you some stories about the rest of my life, so below is a post I wrote a few years ago about how dating life can go in D. The ridiculous things that have happened to me in dating have become infamous among my friends.

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