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Dr Hammond has spent a good part of his medical life working in sexual health – where the general objective is to increase people's pleasure, or at least make it possible for them to rediscover it.But the work of which he is proudest is the fortnightly column he has contributed to Private Eye since 1992, where he broke the story of the Bristol children's heart surgery scandal in the mid-Nineties which led to the biggest shake-up of medical regulation in a century.There is, says Phil Hammond, something missing from medicine.Pleasure gets just two mentions in the Oxford Textbook of Medicine, and none whatever on the website of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).I've been sending him cards for the major holidays and a thank you card, but I have not heard anything back. continue reading » Maintaining a professional boundary between you and your patient 2013. This guidance explains how the principles in Good medical practice apply for doctors in order to maintain a professional boundary between you and your patient.We also publish related explanatory guidance on Intimate examinations.…

The innocent children killed by their wealthy father before he turned the gun on their mother and himself in French farmhouse murder-suicide Third person says he was sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey as it is claimed star.… Since the invention of electricity, buzzing has been the norm for doctors who considered it too secretarial to fetch and carry patients from the waiting room.

Carolines naturally a bit hurt by this but she pretends that shes cool.

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Doctors rarely tell patients to pleasure themselves, for fear of getting struck off, but something a little less directive might actually improve all our lives."Our media are negative, our politics is adversarial and medicine is obsessed with frightening us into compliance and accentuating the negative rather than helping people to be happy.

If you think that sounds quaintly idealistic, consider the career of the man who is saying it.

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