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There is no appeal against a decision not to extend the time limit (see point 8).

There are five grounds for appeal: a) the original decision was based on a misunderstanding of the facts b) evidence, which could not reasonably have been made available at the time of the original decision, is now available c) the original decision contains an error in applying the law, the rules or the regulations d) there has been a fundamental procedural irregularity in the way in which your case was handled or the original decision made e) there was a failure to provide you with adequate reasoning of the original decision The Appeals Committee will either: Appeals are usually considered on the basis of written information only and you should not expect to appear in person.

Yes, appeals must be made within 21 days of the date of the letter or email advising you of the original decision.

An extension to this time limit can be granted in exceptional circumstances.

These decisions are often able to be appealed or reviewed.

The letter or email from us, advising you of a decision, will say whether you have a right of appeal and who you can appeal to.

The committee consists of 10 members – five solicitors and five non-solicitors.The letter informing you about the decision of your appeal will set out the next steps.If you have any queries, you should contact the Appeals Committee Secretary at the above email or postal address.If you are or have been unable to meet the time limit, please contact us at the above email or postal address, setting out the reasons why you feel your circumstances are exceptional.We will let you know if your request is successful within 21 days of receiving it.

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If you have further questions on the appeals process, please contact the Appeals Committee Secretary ator The Law Society of Scotland, Atria One 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EX.

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