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But now that I see so many salt of the earth, down to earth, frugal, intelligent women here, I definitely don’t know who I’ll end up with next! Well, the post that inspired this was 'icky' so, I guess I apologize if it impeded on your sensibilities.But the title was first time with a black girl so, there was at least an implication of sex. If you read this disclaimer, I'm merely replying to an older article that was posted in r/blackgirls, just wanted to give my side.i think stereotypes can be an issue, simply because i will assume black women aren't interested in me because i'm not black. I've always been one to "taste the rainbow" and have no problems dating any race. She has considered it, almost in a joking way, and is curious. " She'll ask me if the rumor about penis size is true, what they look like (looks like a penis lol) etc.I guess i just think they are looking for some black dude and I don't fit the bill for whatever guy they have in mind, but this of course is not always the case. She said she feels as if a white person would look down on her.

This is a response to I wish I could say it started last summer but I really have to take you back to the first time I laid eyes on Brandy..header__3OBc H.wrapper__36h [email protected] (min-width:71rem) Nav__1Sh [email protected] (min-width:500px)@media (min-width:71rem)Nav__1Sh Ab.visible__2m RGs.section__1Mi Zw.section Section__2j Nz Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.section Links Section__2Pxj Q.other Links Section__3Q5VU.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz. Anything I say is subject to have subtle racism in it without my understanding or intent.I remember also hearing in some interview show on VH1 or MTV where they interviewed many of black women and Brandy was mentioning how people told her that she would never “make it” because she could sing but wasn’t drop dead gorgeous.For whatever reason, I remember being so confused by that statement because I thought she was beautiful.

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