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They work perfectly well, though, & I suggest they are intended to be at least as soft as, or a bit softer than the saw steel so that they don't squash and mar the teeth excessively during setting. an adventurous biography of an adventurous Henry Tyzack! After denigrating Oz saws on ebay :rolleyes: I received these four a couple weeks back now.

:o High tensile bolt would be much more practical, and would not shatter if hit too enthusiastically. That may not be the general case, just what I've encountered. Good old info: set website/morgan2And from the BBC link ...

It has indeed been a good saw and I see them all the time on e Bay.

For the record, I have never seen or used a setter like this, Paul, but I certainly wouldn't use a bit of file in that application - it would be only fractionally better than using a piece of glass!

In 1760, Alexander Spear and John Love formed a company in Sheffield called Spear & Love.

In 1814, John Spear, the nephew of Alexander, took on an apprentice called Sam Jackson.

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