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I’ve given him the big “My marriage was really not that great when I got sick.I had been unhappy for a long time and my husband had sent some pretty heavy hints that he could care less if I live or die. one morning and told him I was having a lot of chest pain and needed to be taken to the E. He got up, took a shower, ate breakfast – then said he was ready to take me.

We are still together, but I am a lot smarter now, and I don’t think of him as a husband but as a roommate. “My husband has been unable to be a supportive spouse for me since the very beginning of this journey.

I am jealous when my friends have a little cold, and talk about how well their husbands take care of them during it. Certainly if there is psychological abuse, it could move to physical abuse.

My last husband was very abusive psychologically, and I knew if I stayed it would end violently for one of us.” “I am married to the meanest man on earth.

If I get through this alive, I don’t think my marriage will survive.

You tell me how much this man loves me or even likes me. I understand that what my husband says is emotionally damaging to me. That being said, you have to decide what you can and cannot live with.

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My supportive friends are extremely angry with my husband and are encouraging me to leave him.

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