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If you are a non-techie, just pull out that pen and paper and track your time. Avoid heavy traffic hours, even while browsing online.Here is a list of classic time wasters that you must be wary of: Procrastination and making excuses – Start else you’ll never finish. Plan ahead of time – Planning is such a simple task but most of us fail miserably at it. Last minute drama - You didn’t plan or make a list of things to do, you’re now rushing at the last minute. You have only 24 hours in a day and it never seems enough.

Schedule your time to avoid dear mistakes and the blunders made while rushing things. Be exact in your communication – When calling someone or mailing them, define your purpose clearly.Have the date, time, location and logistics planned ahead. About a year ago, the Harris Poll and Career Builder conducted a survey of thousands of managers and workers, hoping to find out the biggest time-wasters at work, and, in cases where people are choosing to slack off, exactly what they're doing to waste it.Stuck in the past after their ‘time machine’ is destroyed, our gang decides to explore, before quickly discovering that being young and black in the Jazz Age is a lot less genteel and a lot more shady than Downton Abbey had led them to believe.Aided and abetted by a pair of oddball twins and some 1920s luminaries (including John Logie Baird, played by Kevin Eldon), the band are forced to navigate the parties and pitfalls of the Roaring Twenties while searching for a way back home.

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