Dating single tired of ugly people

Your mother suddenly begins to refer to what she would do "if" she had grandchildren, and not "when" (calm down Mom, you'll get grandchildren eventually).

When this happens, you can't help but feel a little bit of pressure to find someone before your family or friends sign you up for a five-year subscription to every dating site available (including Farmer's Only *shudder*).

The adventure of life awaits, and you're going to explore it!

You're able to discover who you are without getting lost in someone else.

You feel like your friends are trying to see if they have someone to set you up with.

You just feel like your nonexistent love life is an empty habitat at a zoo, and people are always checking to see if the panda bears have been brought in yet.

Feelings of disdain and sadness bubble in your blood.

This person has managed to skip over the awkward high school romances, and defied expectations by not meeting someone in college. I know that it has its ugly parts, its bad parts and its good parts.

You're even jealous of your friends' flirting fails.

You constantly hear your friends' embarrassing flirting fails, and you feel bad for them, but you can't even someone to flirt with, so they must be doing something right.

You begin to question whether you will ever find the love those couples have, or if you're just destined to be a crazy old person who owns a ton of pets and whose house the neighborhood children avoid on Halloween (because there are obviously rumors that you're a witch/warlock).

Seeing couples makes you more acutely aware of your singleness and suddenly, being single isn't something that's fun and freeing, but instead perpetually lonely.

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And sadness because you realize that you don't have what they do, and you want it.

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