Dating old beer bottles

OTHER PRODUCTS describes a wide array of items branded by Old Spice and sold along with toiletries ADVERTISING lets you view a large number of magazine ads sorted by decade and other ephemera used to promote Old Spice products.

PACKAGING discusses the innovative ways in which Shulton used packaging to achieve market dominance in men's toiletries for many years.

They also had a few coke commerative bottles that i almost bought, but they were 5.00 each. Personally I never quite thought of this style as a deco bottle.

Jay be the original date when this particular bottle first came out. It's kind of ordinary compared to so many of the elaborate designs that came out during the 1920s - 30s - and even a few during the early 1940s.

If you are unhappy with some aspect of Old Spice products, I do not care and ask that you contact P&G directly.

The scope of information here is limited to Old Spice for Men toiletries between 1938 and the early 1990s, produced mainly to the US market (though you will find information here and there on products made for Great Britain and Canada).

Dozens of bottle stopper patents were issued to eager inventors who were hoping to cash in on the latest mechanical marvel.It was very expensive for most pre-prohibition breweries to add their own bottling line to their plant.Not only were the bottles expensive, but the manpower and space needed for a bottling plant was prohibitive in these early years for many companies. Thanks Morbious, That Ad is cool, i wold think to find one from the thirties with the label is pretty hard, They also had a 64 oz. For a quarter I'd say you found yourself an interesting find. And to answer your question of timing, I'd have to say that paper label pre-dates the acls.

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