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Narrowing it down seems rather pointless, unless you're excluding them because you've identified factors that make them incompatible.

How I envy the future generations, who will wear their Go(o)gles with dating apps that will show a perceptual compatibility.

It's often called a numbers game because physical attraction isn't rational, it's a gut response.

What works well for one person might repulse another.

I'd actually say that I have standards now than when I was first starting out.

The difference is that my standards are now based on things like personal values, rather than arbitrary trivia like what their favorite movie genre is, or whether they're really into the same kind of video games that I am.

But because I decided to take a chance and date them (you know, to get to know them), I discovered that we shared values had developed an emotional connection that I never would have expected.

All they will have to do is find someone in the 90s and start a conversation (or more likely add them on facebook). I think it's a waste of time to play the numbers game. It's a waste of time to ask out girls who are clearly extremely religious and want a religious partner.

Targeting your audience works in business Not really.

The thing is, I never would have discovered this if I hadn't broaded my horizons.

The only way to figure out what matters to you is through experience.

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For longer term relationships it's possible to have a higher success ratio if you're able to find a way to sort for people who already have things in common with you.

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  1. We go to therapy, we take meds, we take what we can to mitigate the damage anxiety does to our lives and relationship, and we try to manage it, but it's a process. Living with GAD means being permanently engrossed in an ongoing effort to feel healthy and strong, and that effort has its ups and downs.