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When Dave Hazel, 59, met 'Linda Smith' on a dating site in 2012 and started chatting with her online - as well speaking to her on the phone - he felt she was his soulmate.

Dave made plans to marry her and sent her £15,000 (Dh73,000), in the belief that she would join him in the UK from Canada. It came to light that the woman he had dreamt to make his wife and start a family with didn't exist and that he had been scammed out of his entire life savings.

Many I met have overstayed because they were not able to pay their debts, some lost jobs, others absconded after suffering abuse from their employers.

"They said the person I was waiting for wasn't coming and was being arrested."When Dave went to his local bank and checked with them, he found that he had been conned and wouldn't get any of his money back.

The man was also ordered to pay blood money to the woman's family.

There were two huge tents that could accommodate up to 3,000 men and women (in separate tents), but people were also waiting outside, with papers under their arms, wiping sweat with handkerchiefs or towels. Our conversation lasted for more than an hour and he shared how he missed his family who he hadn’t seen for more than a decade.

I only learned that he was 58 years old and came to Dubai in 1991. It was just a small bottle so I told him to come inside the tent where there were several fridges filled with bottles of water. I earned his trust and that’s when he told me his story.

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When he left the Philippines, he had three kids and now he already had five grandchildren.

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