Dating in wichita ks

What do you like about dating someone from Wichita?

Wichita has a reputation for being a tough city for singles — at least, according to some very unscientific rankings. I think what makes it difficult in Wichita is the fact that I don't feel we have, now we're getting more community spaces where we're allowed to interact with different people our age and get to go and go out with friends but also might spark a conversation with the table next to us because it's a communal table.

It's still there, obviously, but it's shifted, it's now we're on our phones and we're texting and we're sending each other Snapchats and you're messaging people on these dating apps.

Your date is the kind of person who, though he or she can’t always explain why, honks the car horn as they pass the cottonwood tree on K-96, so you know they have a bit of magic in their hearts.

It's like you could meet someone and they could be awesome but in their back pocket they've got thousands of girls that they could immediately get connected to.

I think that has changed the way that my generation dates people because they have everything at their fingertips and they can immediately switch to somebody else in the flip of a switch. They could swipe and it's all done and they've moved on and they've met somebody else, and that kind of scares me because it's not genuine.

There’s no one better to hunker down with during a storm that a Wichitan.

They aren’t scared of the thunderstorms or being in tornado alley, so they’ll be able to calm you down and even make you laugh when you’re worried.

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I did date a guy for a while in Spain, but he was British.

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