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60% report stress relief, and close to 90% report that their dog makes them a better person.Now, how many of us can say that about our human BBF? Stanley Coren isn’t surprised that we’d rather hang out with our pets: “After all their dog will not act offended if they break off in the middle of a sentence to respond to their i Phone.Based on our previous events, you can expect to meet women ages 28-40 and men ages 32-45 in this Life Stage.

Hey, if that’s the case, get yourself a Labrador puppy!

***Pets are definitely moving up in the family pack, so much so that a new study shows that dog owners are skipping out on social commitments to be with their four-legged furry friend instead.

More than 80% of those surveyed by Link AKC say that time spent with their dog improves their mental and emotional health.

Life Stage: Ready for Love Age group: 30-42 Generally, in this Life Stage, you’ll meet other young professionals that are looking for a long term relationship, someone with whom they can explore life with! If you are up to two years below or above the advertised age range, you can still participate.

They are often open to marriage and/or starting a family for the first time.

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