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Knowing what to do — and more importantly what There are a lot of ways that dating has changed since you were a teen, but one major way is that things are a lot more uncertain nowadays.

Before your date even begins, make sure both parties know it’s a romantic occasion.

Remember: You’re out on a date, not a job interview. Sure, if you’ve been with someone a long time and live with them, you could feel like you’ve exhausted all topics of conversation; if you’re out with someone new, maybe you just don’t know what to talk about.

This is an easy and great way to make a great impression on your date.In these increasingly casual times, some of the nuances of being a good date are being left behind.Sure, you know you shouldn’t chew with your mouth open or discuss politics, but there are plenty of fumbles, both big and small, that can take a date from a great night out at a romantic restaurant to a night you wish you could just forget.If you’re the one being asked out, ask a few questions about where you’ll be going and dress accordingly.Nobody wants to be in a ball gown at a fast-casual chain, wearing jeans at a Michelin-star restaurant or rocking a turtleneck at a night club.

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