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The man claimed he'd stayed on the date while the woman spoke about another guy, before she responded: "All you wanted anyway is to have sex with me.

Anyway, bye loser." Unsurprisingly, the conversation has caused outrage among Reddit users.

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One person commented: "If someone invites me out then I go because I want to see that person and would never expect a free meal.

That would be selfish and entitled." Another wrote: "I'm a girl and I always go into the mindset that I pay for my drinks/food with anyone. "If they offer to pay I'll let them but offer to pay theirs next time we go out." Would you ever let your date foot your dinner bill?

This was despite the fact that she'd ordered lobster and £72 wine - and he'd paid £14 for a carbonara and beer. You are lucky you didn't pay for my food too." When the man added that he was "a student not your sugar daddy", his date raged: "I'm never going out with you ever again, if you can't pay for a girl's food then why accept the invite.

"Gentlemen ALWAYS pay for girls' food." At this point, things got nasty.

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  1. Woodward chronicles these reactions on her blog “Step Funny Right Now.”Some of the first-time messages she’s received from guys on OKCupid:“…Are you handicapped cause in half the pics your [sic] standing and the others your [sic] not so I’m confused.”“Hello there. ”For people like Woodward who look different than the norm, these kinds of awkward first-liners are a fact of life.