Dating colombian girls tips

If you can’t speak their language then you better be very good looking, or just know how to salsa.That is right, these girls love to salsa dance and if you can’t talk to them knowing how to communicate with them on the dance floor is the next best thing.Women be shoppin’, and girls feel safe inside malls so are easier to approach than on the street or in other public places.

Then we will talk about some good restaurants and bars to hit up, followed by the best nightclubs in town.This is the nicest area of the city and where she will be most impressed.There are tons of restaurants and pick up bars around here, walk around and see what catches your eye. Get dinner at one place, walk around with your sexy girl and find a fun bar with live music for some drinks and there you go.A few that you may want to try are Teriyaki, Bistro, and Watakushi.If you want some good bars to get a drink head to The Irish Pub or Armando Records.

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We will try and break down the best area of the city for you to stay.

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