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You don’t have to waste any effort of explaining how 2020’s cheerleaders would be presented differently than in 2001.” So, it’s a brand new XFL, and the lack of cheerleaders proves it!

So far, as shown in the results of this recent XFLBoard Twitter poll, fans seem to be in agreement with the plan to shelve the cheerleaders. We will see what happens next February, when the players hit the field.

In USA Today, Yale Divinity School Director of Communications Tom Krattenmaker added a theological voice to the anti-cheerleader chorus.

"It's time," he intoned, "to call this out for what it is: demeaning to women and an anachronism that ought to be beneath the male fans to whom this titillating eye candy is served." This sentence, and his whole piece, is what goes for deep thought on the left today.

In a well-known 2001 photo, San Francisco Demons fan Chris Wright held a sign proclaiming his young desires.As she wrote to me: "I can't imagine my life without having the experience I did as an NFL cheerleader. The friendships I made, the places we were able to go and the people we were able to meet can't be duplicated. The thought of that being taken away from young girls who dream of one day becoming a pro cheerleader scares me!" Why do leftists have contempt for cheerleading and cheerleaders (who, after all, choose to be cheerleaders -- and for virtually no pay)?Unfortunately for Vince Mc Mahon, using cheerleaders to garner popularity for his league didn’t always go well.In what is now billed as the “worst halftime football stunt in history,” Vince Mc Mahon sent a cameraman into the Orlando Rage Cheerleaders locker room.

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