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The pay and benefits were great but not worth the stress I went through on a daily basis. A employee was fired due to failing a random alchohol test but every employee that have been Caucasian were not terminated and only had to a program to maintain their job.. The great challenge of the railroad was getting it through just that last stretch of mountains in British Columbia.

These fine and highly accurate (the latest cry of watch making at the time) chronometers served as the cornerstone in navigation on the high seas for the Americans in there hunt for Japanese warships. R railroads and recently passed away in Montral (2018)...

I never worked at a company where everyone would stab you in the back just to take the heat off themselves or to advance their career.

From trainmaster level and below including the crews, employees jobs were always threatened.

The fear of being terminated for any little infraction was a constant threat. Management was horrible, no proper training, and coworkers were just bitter.

Always having to look over my shoulder because coworkers were always ready to throw me under the bus for anything and everything.

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