Dating bald guys

When it comes to how going bald has affected their relationships and romantic lives, the bald men of Reddit didn't hold back after one concerned user inquired about how his dating habits would change.And in the end, their answers were surprisingly sweet."Nope, it's actually really helped it because it's boosted my confidence and it looks better than balding.

No, this isn't one of those 'so-and-so walked into a bar' jokes.I've had more comments on my buzzed head and how good it looks then I ever got when I had hair. I’m the best I’ve ever been as a human since shaving." —mutually_awkward"Always did ok, but since shaving almost seven years ago I’ve actually probably done better...I think the stress and anxiety around balding weighs far more heavily on your confidence than owning not having hair. BUY IT HEREFor a close, clean shave on smooth or straight hair, the Blue Fire Waterproof Electric Razor is a favorite among bald men.That said, no matter what you shave with or how you do it, the most important grooming tool of all is confidence. The Bevel Beard and Hair Trimmer is electric, but suitable for thicker or ethnic hair types.BUY IT HERENot to sound like your mom, but never forget sunscreen.

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