Dating and engagement customs in egypt

However, the origins of giving rings to commit to marriage, to pledge loyalty, or to symbolize a heart connection are ancient.Said to be one of the oldest marital customs, it is one which has changed over time and across cultures, and so the true origins of wedding rings are somewhat elusive.The distinctive Claddagh rings that depict hands holding a crown or heart date back to Roman times and the design symbolizes friendship, loyalty, oaths, faith and love.These were used as engagement and wedding rings in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Europe.

“This curious ring was shaped like the roof of a Jewish temple, and was so large and clumsy that it could not be worn in the ordinary manner.

​ During the Renaissance, Gimmel rings, a type of puzzle ring, originated in France and were a popular gift to the bride.

These wedding bands would be made of two interlocking bands—one for the bride, and one for the groom.

In ceremonies in many cultures the ring would be worn on one hand before the wedding, and transferred to the other during the ceremony.

In Victorian times in Europe and America rings became more lavish, highly embellished, and incorporated gold and precious gems from around the world, such as sapphire, topaz, ruby, amethyst, and pearl.

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During this era wedding rings were worn on various different fingers, including the thumb.

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