Dating an intense personality

Before getting into a relationship, I always speak about my anxiety and depression.I want the man to understand what he may be getting himself into.They always say, "I can handle it," or "I'm not like the other guys in your life.I won't run away when things get hard." But, I don't think they ever truly grasp the extent of my anxiety and depression.We get even more upset when we realize we have no reason to be upset…. We forgot about our doctors appointment…we're gonna die. When our anxiety sets in, the only thing to do is wait for our heart rates to come down and our episode to be over.– "Calm down." Don't you think we would, if we could? There is no cure for anxiety, and we will struggle with it for the rest of our lives.

– "You have nothing to be anxious about." Ummm…..hello, what part of anxiety disorder do you not understand? We need a persistent backbone who will love us through this, not make it worse. We have to have a to-do list or game plan for everything. You will never be able to talk us out of our "freak-outs", "anxiety attacks", or "mental breakdowns". In the midst of it, no amount of saying, “Everything is okay” or “Calm down” is going to make it stop.We live a life where we constantly feel out of control, planning is our only way to manage and cope with these feelings. NEVER EVER TELL US THE FOLLOWING: – "You have nothing to be upset about." We already know this. Telling us that we are being dramatic or irrational will only make things worse. You will need to learn to embrace it and ride it out because there is no cure.While they are typically more skilled than their partner at reading and relating to people the bottom line is that...The partner who cares the least in a relationship has the control For all their passion and interpersonal skills often it's not the Scorpio who has the control in a relationship.

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