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The British daily The Telegraph has an interesting article 1 on how Spanish women as opposed to British women are more comfortable with their fuller figures.The article quotes a survey conducted by the Spanish government, which reveal that seven out of 10 Spanish women are satisfied with their bodies, compared to which only a measly 2 per cent of British women were reportedly happy with their shapes.The article not only draws on the Spanish cultural associations of fuller figures with good health and fertility but also makes an interesting association of anorexic, stick-thin female figures in western societies with the dominant Puritan tradition and its values like self-denial and even a kind of self-flagellation.Indeed the Spanish love of shapely figures goes all the way to the top since its government was one of the first in the world to ban size zero models on the catwalk in 2006.Earlier because of conservative Catholicism and later due to the brand of chauvinism imposed by the Franco regime, Spanish culture imposed strict norms on the movement and freedom of women.They were expected to stay in home and bring up children while the reigns of financial power rested squarely with the men of the family.To add to their charming physical traits, Spanish ladies are endowed with beautiful raven hair, well complemented by their dark, lustrous eyelashes.You only have to look at stars like Penelope Cruz to know that Spanish women are known the world across for their gorgeous beauty.

Gorgeous looking Few would contest the opinion that Spanish women are one of the best creations of the Almighty.But what makes the overall package even more irresistible is the fact that Spanish women actually like how they look.While women in most western societies are obsessive about attaining size-zero figures, Spanish women are more self-assured and thus sassier about their feminine figures.They are strong-willed, self-assured and do not suffer fools gladly.Women here know instinctively and immediately when someone is trying to act smart with them and they will not stand for it.

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