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Single motherhood is a common and realistic part of today’s society but, as common as it is, you may face stereotypes when dating a woman with a child.

You may be confused about your role or what to expect.

This will serve to reinforce your position with facts, and let both of you know when it is time to meet the child.

Incorporate the child into activities as much as possible after the relationship solidifies.

Being patient is a must to take the pressure off of both of you.

You should be understanding when plans change abruptly because the child is sick or visitation with the child's father falls through.

We’ve also published a lot of relationship advice on how to be gay and a lot of topical personal essays and reports from the field — about lesbian tinder, being bi on OK Cupid, dating while sober, dating on the autism spectrum, what you learn from moving in with your girlfriend, among so many others— but this post is all about the how-tos.Being serious about a mother means embracing her child into your life as well.Building a relationship with her child will take time, but you can do it if you put in the work.Going to an arcade or theme park, for instance, can meet everyone’s interests.All in all, avoid being phony with the mother or the child. Find out about the biological father and why things didn’t work out.

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Do this with empathy and understanding, as it will also give you insight on the type of woman you are with.

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