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This brings Eltahawy to one of her central points, which is that the Middle Eastern world is obsessed with virginity: "Why do those men hate us?

They hate us because they need us, they fear us, they understand how much control it takes to keep us in line, to keep us good girls with our hymens intact…" Men, even "moderates," view the hymen as the source of insatiable sexual appetite that leads women into sin and disrepute, she argues.

Nor does Eltahawy give any examples of discrimination or violence toward women by Christians or secularists in the Middle East and North Africa.

Thus, she never fully engages the question of how the predominant religion in the region, Islam, is directly involved in the oppression of women, other than its use and abuse by men.

Although she makes a strong argument for the need to discuss religion’s role in the abuse of women, including a call for the establishment of personal status codes not based in , Eltahawy thinks that the best way forward is to show people the "lived realities" of these abused women and girls.Because personal status laws tend to be based on in these countries, women often face difficulties having charges brought against their spouses.At the time of this writing, only Jordan, Mauritania, and Tunisia have laws that address domestic violence, although Eltahawy argues that they are rarely enforced. ,’ that drew attention to the unequal and precarious position of women in the Middle East and North Africa.Eltahawy argued that in the Muslim world women are treated like animals by men who disdain and fear them.

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