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If you see it in a positive light, the people you date will too.

We’re living in a time right now where there really isn’t the stigma attached to online dating like there used to be. Online dating shouldn’t be your only way of meeting potential partners.

When you ‘play’ at dating, you’re making it a game — which is so high school. Here are just two of mine: Your filters should reflect what you look for in a partner.

For me, it’s certitude, intentionality, and responsiveness. Take the time to think about what you really value, and how you can filter for it early on.

Make it a habit of engaging those around you and you’ll never run out of interesting people to date.

And if you happen to meet some amazing people online?

Things to get passionate about: your job, your hobbies, your family/friends, trying new things, an upcoming trip, books you’re reading, little adventures in every day moments.

Or maybe it’s the shopping cart culture of the whole thing — who knows.

I *do* know this: if you’re doing the online dating thing, a filtration system is more important than .

They seem confused about their interest and hell-bent on romantic self-sabotage. The six (no longer secret) weapons to a dating life you love ❤Date with purpose.

As you’re dating someone, what you want might change. They want something more serious but they’re pretending they’re okay with just casual. If your visceral reaction to initial romantic interest is “Yay! Dating Jedis have systematic *checks* to filter out the unworthy.

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Close friends provide much needed relational security and are bedrock to dating from a place of strength.

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