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She is around the same age as me, so we naturally always hung out during these family get-togethers. Well, I guess I’ve seen YOURS, Brian, now, but I want to see it again.” I just stared at her. She looked up at me and smiled as I pulled my own underwear back down, penis popping free once more.At that time she had long, blonde hair flowing down her back, usually in a ponytail, and I remember that she was wearing a white tee-shirt and shorts. Both of our shirts, and her training bra, had already been removed a second before.Samantha, now white as a sheet, stared at my throbbing member for a long while, and when I started to bend down to get dressed, she stopped me. If you want to see my boobs like that, I’ll let you. She put my penis between her breasts and rubbed up and down over and over again for about a minute straight. Mary was crouching now, her left hand behind her, steadying her, and her right hand rubbing vigorously at her pussy. Moaning emanated from both girls, and when I broke away for air I noticed that Samantha was also rubbing herself. I’d fantasized about these girls sharing my bath and bed several times and a few of my wet dreams had even cast them as the stars, but…. “Yeah, sure,” I said, and we all started to disrobe at the same time.I explored the stiff nipple with my tongue, making Samantha let out a high-pitched groan. A couple of minutes later, Samantha started to shudder and she fell backwards, similar to what her sister had done. Her eyes were glued on my hand pumping my penis, her hand continuing to rub a now very wet pussy, her mouth open in a silent “O” of astonishment. Samantha’s shudders continued and grew more intense.Finally, she stopped moving her hand, simply pushing her hand against her vagina and pressing her legs together. This seemed to go on for a long time, and I started worrying that maybe there was something wrong. Finally, Samantha gasped and fell on her back, arms out to her sides, chest heaving, legs slightly spread to show her glistening pussy. After a while, she said, “Holy crap, that was awesome! Mary always just goes away after Cindy and me help her.” Glancing around, I realized that there was no sign of Mary. I was still jerking off frantically, wondering what had just happened. “Here,” Samantha said, sitting up and crossing her legs. It’s not fair that you don’t have boobs to suck on!It must have tickled her, because she gasped and jerked, but she didn’t move away. We dressed in near silence, and splashed some water on our clothes to make the cum on our bodies blend in, although thinking back, that probably didn’t work. Samantha and I didn’t say a word to each other for the rest of the party. When Samantha and I hugged goodbye, I felt a slight pinch on my butt and she whispered, “next time go inside of me, okay? I pulled my head back for just a moment and caught an amazing view of her pussy. We both gasped as my virgin cum flew out of my penis all over her chest.

Dear Alice, What are the pros and cons (legally and morally) of dating your 1st cousin?For some reason all of this talk of private parts was really making my penis erect, and I adjusted it again while I laughed with her. Her face was a deep red, and she was breathing hard. ” Deciding to get this over with, I quickly unbuttoned my jeans, pulled the zipper down and then yanked both my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. She knelt in front of me and brought her face within half a foot of my penis, studying intently. Her mouth was so close that I could feel her heavy breath touching my skin invitingly. At that age, she probably had a nice D or DD cup size. ” She quickly closed the door and started laughing hysterically. The younger girl’s breast buds were inches away from my eyes. She let her fingers move from my balls to my penis and started jerking it up and down. Looking up to Samantha again, I noticed her staring intently at what her sister was doing, again white as a ghost. Sorry, I want to have more fun, but I just CAN’T hold this.My penis, hard as a rock by this point, sprang up and slapped my belly, standing as if at attention. Something wet touched my penis and I looked back down at Mary, who was now putting her mouth around my member. After only a couple of seconds of giving me my first blow job, Mary pulled away and started rubbing her body against mine. I’m SO horny right now.” Samantha immediately lunged over me to her sister (it gave me an amazing view of her vagina for a split second) and started sucking on the girl’s left breast.I was rather young when my family and I went to a birthday party at my grandma’s house. “I KNOW you want to do this, girl,” Mary said, laughing. Within seconds, her bra was sliding down her arms and her two nipples were poking out at me.All of my cousins on that side of the family are girls, and most of them are extremely attractive, Samantha included. I’ll even show you my tits and pussy if you want.” Her face went bright red and, if possible, she was breathing harder than Samantha had been earlier. In fact,” she continued, reaching to the door and locking it, “let’s just get naked. The nipples were small compared the rest of her breasts, and rather red. I glanced over at Samantha just in time to see her sliding panties down her smooth legs, revealing a perfectly bald pussy.

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I was still young, of course, so I wasn’t very subtle about it, and Samantha looked down at where I was touching. once,” she confided, dropping her voice and giggling. ” Samantha pretended to glance over the table into my lap. ” she said, sticking out her chest and shaking her shoulders in a shimmy. “You first.” “Okay,” Samantha said without hesitation. they’re like balls inside of the glob,” I said, my mouth dry. After another poke, she squeezed it between her fore finger and thumb. Mary was still laughing uncontrollably, her face red, and tears ran down her face. Mary’s breasts flopped against my chest and as she moved up I felt them slap my face. ” Mary screamed and I felt Samantha doing just that.

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