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In the early 1970s, you had to go to the arcade for the good games. Grab your quarters, hop on your bike and waste a few hours having the time of your life bouncing a square “ball” that is a few pixels off a rectangle that you control. I’m not going to act like you should play these games all day because you are a video game purist or something.

Joan left the hospital disoriented and disheartened.This narrative gives the impression that it was young men like these, and their randy, envelope-pushing genius, that caused us to think seriously about the up-till-then preposterous idea of having sex with the help of cold, impersonal machines for the first time.As anybody who has ever seen a picture of an old vibrator in an early 20th century Sears Roebuck catalog knows, this was certainly not the case.And it helps us understand why computer dating is what it is today—why we love it, loathe it, need it, and fear it in nearly equal measure.In 1953 a young woman named Joan Ball stepped out of a mental hospital in England.

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