Compare relative and absolute dating

So, each student has a chance of scoring as long as he or she is working hard enough to meet these grade limits.When you are looking at a relative perspective, you are taking into account other similar people or products.There is a relative risk that a person has to develop a disease or ailment in future.Relative risk is a concept where people are divided into groups based upon their habits and lifestyles.

When you are looking at an absolute perspective, you are not taking into account other similar people or products.For example, smokers and non-smokers are two distinct groups that have different relative risks to heart diseases.Other groups could be obese and thin people, men and women, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, those who exercise and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and so on. However, in a relative grading system, this can be an A.For example, a person may have just 10% chance of developing heart problem later in life, whereas another person, based upon his health and lifestyle may have 50% risk of developing a heart disease.When it comes to grading students too, absolute grading is used.

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